Williams Sound TL S20 Real Time Interpretation and Translation System

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  • Williams Sound TL S20 Real Time Interpretation and Translation System
  • Williams Sound TL S20 Real Time Interpretation and Translation System
  • Williams Sound TL S20 Real Time Interpretation and Translation System
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Convey Video makes inclusion easier for all with real-time, translation system that can also provide open captioning. Through the power of AI, Convey Video has the ability to translate audio from up to 109+ languages and many dialects, and create live translated subtitles to overlay on a video.

For use in government centers, corporations, house of worship,  service counters and during live events.

To register your purchased Convey Video system, please visit portal.williamsav.com.

This system requires a subscription service from Williams Sound and features a four hour trial.


Convey video has the option to overlay open captions and translated text over a USB camera, a HDMI source, or a simple black background which can be keyed into other video systems. An Ethernet connection is required for translation services and should be connected to the LAN port.

There are 5 USB 3.0 ports on the Convey Video. A USB thumb drive can be used to store captured voice and text from a translation session. Convey Video accepts a USB microphone or USB mixer output, as well as HDMI audio.

  • Real-time. Overcoming language barriers with real-time language translation
  • AI based. Convey Video accepts a microphone or mixer input and uses the power of AI to instantly and continuously translate spoken word into on-screen
  • Enhance learning experiences for live in-person presentations, trainings and web events.
  • Expanding access of language translation for a wider array of events.
  • Providing an alternative when live interpreters are not available or within scope of budget.
  • Easily integrated into an array of video environments. Not confined to a single platform.
  • 109 Languages. Increasing languages supported from 27 to 109 with dozens of new dialects.
  • Enhanced archiving. Multiple enhancements including:HDMI audio input. Adds ability to translate HDMI audio input in addition to USB microphone. This allows for translation of far end audio from a web conference call.
    • Ability to capture any combination of audio input [MP3], video output with translations/captions [MP4], text captions [.txt] and translated text [.txt]
    • Time coding of text captions and translated text.
    • Court archiving. On screen clock display for easy review of captions and translations with official court recordings.
  • ASIO driver improvements. Increases compatibility with common DSP audio input sources.
  • Variable translation settings. Fast, normal, and steady options allow for personalization of on-screen text updates.
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