Popular Systems

Popular Systems

Need a system for translation and interpretation or assistive listening and don´t know where to start? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you. 

In this section we’ve carefully chosen the most popular systems for the different areas that may require our services.

Do you need it for… 

We’ve selected for you the systems that we think will best suit your needs. From Simultaneous translation, microphones and assistive listening equipment, we have the best options to communicate with the congregation. 

When it comes to Schools and educational environments, we present the most popular systems for any situation where involvement and participation are essential. Meant to ensure communication, these systems will help you provide the best service possible.  

We bring you the best equipment for conferences and meetings, where conference microphones and translation systems are the most popular equipment for every need.  

If your event requires high mobility, you are going to need wireless equipment, as well as battery operated transmitters. In this scenario, the best choice is a highly portable system such as our Tour Group translation system, or our wireless microphone systems.  

Simultaneous Interpretation, Assistive Listening and Conference Services had become more common during the past few years. When it comes to Courthouses, fulfilling these needs becomes essential in order to ensure fair access to Justice. Take a look at our preferred Simultaneous Translation, Assistive Listening and Conference Microphones Systems. 

Many times language interpretation, assistive listening and reliable conference equipment become critical assets when it comes to governmental agencies. That´s why we provide only the best systems to fulfil every governmental need in these fields.

We are very confident that here you will find the perfect system for you. Keep in mind that they are fully customizable, and can be expanded and adjusted to the amount of users that you need it for.


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