25-Person Translation System with Interpreter Monitor (Limited Lifetime Warranty)

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  • 25-Person Simultaneous Translation System
  • Enersound Receivers R120 with EAR-120 Dual Headphones
  • Enersound T-500 Multichannel Transmitter  with ANT-500 antenna (included)
  • Enersound T-500 Multichannel Transmitter Rear Panel
  • Enersound Headband Microphone MIC300
  • Enersound R120 Receiver
  • Enersound R120 Receiver
  • Optional: Enersound CAS-25 Case for 25 Enersound R120 Receivers
  • Connection Diagram
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This 25-person Professional-grade Wireless Simultaneous Translation System provides superior sound quality and excellent coverage range, combining multiple-channel transmitter and receivers, as well as improved reliability and versatility. It can be expanded by adding an unlimited number of additional receivers. More foreign languages can be added for a maximum of 6 in the same room by purchasing 1 additional transmitter and microphone per language.

Specially designed for language interpretation, it has a unique integrated interpreter console function. This feature allows interpreters to select an external incoming audio source and utilize a headset with microphone to listen to the source language without the need of an interpreter console or external headphone amplifier. Through the headphones’ volume control, interpreters can set the desired incoming audio level and the mute button allows them to momentarily silence their microphone for coughing or sneezing.  

This system is ideal for houses of worship, conference rooms, courtrooms, and auditoriums.

Note: This system requires a human language interpreter, it does not translate automatically. 

System includes

  • (25)  Enersound R-120 Digital FM Receivers with LCD screen (no backlight)
  • (26)  Enersound Double Earphones
  • (1) Enersound T-500 17-Channel Base Transmitter with Antenna and Power Supply
  • (1) Enersound MIC-300 Professional Headband Microphone


  • 17-channel digital FM transmitter with LCD screen 
  • Unique integrated interpreter monitor function
  • Multiple inputs and connector types for speech, music or any other audio signals
  • 20-channel digital FM receivers with LCD screen
  • Complimentary double earphones
  • Superb sound quality and reliability
  • Multiple carrying options included: belt clip, Velcro armband, neck strap
  • Compatible with most 72-76 Mhz FM systems
  • Small & lightweight
  • No seating restrictions
  • Operating range of 500 ft (152m) (Expandable up to 1000 ft)
  • Plug and play, easy to use
  • FCC/IC approved
  • Limited lifetime warranty


t500-cat.jpg MIC-200 Interpreter Headband Microphone
Enersound T-500 Transmitter EAR-120 Dual Headphones Enersound R-120 Receiver
Enersound R-120 FM receiver cas-25-open.jpg  
Brochure 25-Person Translation System
MIC-300 Interpreter Microphone Carrying Case CAS-25  
  $279.00 only with package  






What types of translation systems are there?

There are two technologies used for wireless simultaneous interpretation (SI):

  • Radio frequency (RF) based technology
  • Infrared (IR) technology

RF systems can be analog or digital.

Analog RF systems

In the United States, most RF systems for one-way wireless simultaneous interpretation (SI) are analog FM (Frequency Modulation) systems in the VHF band. The 72 Mhz-76 Mhz and the 216 Mhz bands are reserved by the FCC for auditory assistance communications, including simultaneous language translation. FM Systems are recommended for schools, houses of worship, simultaneous interpretation rental companies, corporate clients, etc. as they are more economical, portable and easier to set up than IR systems. FM signals can penetrate walls and are consequently immune to light interference. An analog RF system can be stationary or portable. A typical analog RF system consists of one transmitter that can be single or multichannel per interpreter and one receiver per attendee. RF transmitters are available in stationary and portable (body pack) formats.

Digital RF systems

For simultaneous interpretation the only digital RF systems we've seen to date are tour-guide style portable systems in the 2.4 Ghz and 1.9 Ghz bands. These systems work using radio waves to deliver the interpretation to the audience digitally, similarly to WIFI that transmits information through radio frequency. Digital RF systems are recommended for tour-groups or group conferencing when 2-way communication is needed. 

Infrared Translation Systems

IR (Infrared) interpretation systems are recommended for events requiring high confidentiality and privacy as they do not pass through walls, as in the military, or for sensitive matters. They are also recommended when using over 6 languages or channels or when there are multiple rooms with language interpretation in the same area. Through Infrared technology, these translation systems use invisible pulses of light to deliver the transmission. Infrared technology can’t penetrate walls and can be interfered by lights (but not by radio signals). A typical digital infrared conference interpretation setup consists of:

  • A multi-channel transmitter
  • IR radiators
  • An interpreter console for each booth
  • An IR receiver for each attendee

How to choose the right translation system?

In order to get the right translation system for your needs, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • How many languages do you need simultaneous interpretation for? Based on that you will choose the number and type of transmitter units you will require.
  • How many receivers do I need? This will be determined by another key factor: The number of participants that need language interpretation. Keep in mind that you can always expand your translation system by purchasing additional units.
  • Where will the interpreter be located? Remember that the interpreter should have a comfortable, quiet space in order to do a good job. We recommend getting a soundproof translation booth for better sound isolation.
  • Do you need the service for a venue in particular or do you want it as portable as possible? While it's true that most translation systems are portable, some are more easy to setup than others.
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Warranty Information

-LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY ON R-120 RECEIVERS AND T-500 TRANSMITTERS purchased after May 15, 2019. 1-YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL ACCESSORIES (including microphones, headphones, carrying cases, cables, antennas, power supplies, etc.). Visit Enersound website for complete warranty details and limitations.
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8 Reviews

  • 5
    The solution we were waiting for!

    Posted by Lady Preacher on 6th Dec 2016

    Being a Miami based house of workship, almost half of our community is Spanish speaking; however our priest is not. As time went by, it became a problem to translate the service to everyone. Until we found the Enersound translation system!!! Now we can´t think of a better solution, we feel blessed and our community keeps getting bigger and bigger!

  • 5
    Integration is possible now

    Posted by Paul Wes on 30th Dec 2015

    I would recommend it to any pastor, priest or minister who is struggling with reoccurring integration issues. I developed an action plan to begin to deal with it and decided to make an investment. It has given me a fresh start and hope in my ministry.

  • 5
    Certainly a convinient purchase

    Posted by Dave L on 29th Nov 2015

    I love the transmitter and the receivers too.I think it is impossible to really describe how much having this system is still impacting my church.Without question I’m really connecting with people here in a way I never did before.Keep up the great work!

  • 5
    Absolutely necessary

    Posted by Andy D on 29th Nov 2015

    I knew I needed something different.
    It turned out to be that something different. Only God knew that this was exactly the thing I needed. I learned many things about interpretation and technology that definitely impact my effectiveness in leading. I received in the small groups and I finally began the process that changed my church, I have a renewed congregation now and I feel the excitement about the future of my ministry.

  • 5
    A true solution

    Posted by Wayne H on 29th Nov 2015

    Thank you very much for it turned out to be that something different.It has even been more powerful for me because I’ve seen and experienced first hand what it is to be understood by everybody since we have a congregation that comes from everywhere around the world.Thank you once again for being a conduit for the Spirit of God.

  • 5
    We like it!

    Posted by Paul. on 29th Nov 2015

    Every church should have one of this and see the difference it makes with traditional interpretation.When I first heard of it, I was perhaps the most outwardly skeptical person in the place.I sat as far away from the front of the room as possible.
    It didn’t take more than a day for my heart to get fully engaged.It was without doubt the most profound experience I’ve had after meeting the Lord.The group sessions seem to be better now.I would say the real growth began after buying it.I am amazed at what the Lord is doing in my life as a result of this.I look forward to coming out and spread the word.

  • 5
    Outstandig features

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Nov 2015

    With the interpreter monitor feature the experience was incredible.Keep up the good work!

  • 5
    Very good system

    Posted by K. Miller, NV on 16th Feb 2015

    We use it for our College Auditorium, and since we bought it, we never had any kind of trouble with it. People who need it for translation are very satisfied, and the same happens with those with hearing problems. Highly recommended!

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