Enersound Makes Translation a Breeze for Kabbalah Center - Technologies for Worship April 2016



Enersound Systems in Casa de Dios - Technologies for Worship March 2016

"I love my job. At times I actually feel like an actress: today I am a hairdresser, tomorrow the Attorney General, next week a physician leading a WHO research team or simply a businessman… The surprises never cease.


Preparing myself is always a challenge, and one of the most exciting parts of an interpreter’s job. I need to make sure that my body is well - my vocal chords are healthy, no sinus problems, etc. I also have to learn a new set of words related to my assignment which means research, glossary development, talking with my booth partner to agree on terminology, for example.


After all this preparation, a trip, usually followed by a short and restless night sleep, and a hurried breakfast the last thing I need is to have to learn a complex set of commands and buttons when I enter the booth. And I have worked with many different ones, even some held together by tape.


The first time I worked with an Enersound equipment in the booth what struck me was the easy of operation. No sharing microphones or headsets (yes, I have done that), independent controls for each interpreter, easy to switch to relay, clear sound, nice pick-up range by the headset’s mic. It was smooth sailing all the way.


Now, the tour guide equipment is not only cute and attractive, it performs. The over the ear headphones are lightweight and my clients did not complain at all, and the hand held control is easy to operate. My next step is to get my own so I can offer more services to my clients.


Well, my wish list includes a built-in power outlet, so I don’t have to climb under the table to plug my computer and phone, and a built-in timer that is activated by the interpreters when we activate our individual mikes. Just don’t ask me about the logistics of adding them.


I can safely say that I really enjoyed working with the Enersound equipment, and it is always a welcome friend in and out of the booth."

-Giovanna L. Lester, International Conference Interpreter

"I´m part of the staff of an important Primary School in Arizona. As we are located in a community with many immigrants, we needed translation equipment for our PTA meetings and clasrooms. We bought a 25 person Tourguide System, and the results were even better than we cuold´ve imagined, not only can we comunicate better with parents and children, but also we´ve started using it for assistive listening as well!"

 - Mary G., Arizona

"As a member of an active religious community, I was very concerned about people in our church who didn't speak English, and they couldn’t understand what our Reverend said during sermons. I didn't know where to start, so I called here to get some orientation. Not only did they give me a great service helping me, but they sold me the perfect translation equipment for our church. Thank you very much!"

- John L., Florida

"I needed to buy some conference equipment for the meeting room in our company. Enersound equipment was not only the most convenient by price, but it also has a great performance during sessions. There are some better looking microphones in the market, but I have no doubts on recommending Enersound equipment."

- Julia K.