Simultaneous Interpretation Mobile Booth for two interpreters - ISO compliant 4043/1998

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The ES-12/PB-8002 simultaneous interpretation mobile booth is undeniably an industry standard. Its flexibility and advantages, both operational and acoustic, are already an ideal guarantee of excellence for official meetings and international events. Its careful construction, sound attenuation level and low door sill make it the mobile booth of choice for interpretation service providers around the world. If you are looking for reliability, proven durability or unique acoustics, the ES-12/PB-8002 mobile booth is the obvious choice.


  • Maximum capacity of (2) interpreters
  • (10) panels
  • (2) 110/220 volts 38 dB Airvac ventilation units
  • (1) removable work table
  • (1) ATA transport case on wheels
  • (2) external sealed grommets
  • (2) 350 LX Led Lights

Size, Dimensions & Color: 

  • Width: 171.4 cm
  • Height: 203.5 cm
  • Depth: 173.5 cm
  • Weight: 261.91 lbs (118.8 kg)
  • Color: Grey


  • Low noise Airvac fan units
  • Wide hinged door
  • Low accessible doorstep
  • Easy cable access
  • Interlocking extrusions for simple assembly
  • Soundproof sealing
  • Clear acrylic window design
  • Expandable panels
  • Stylish interior lining
  • Comfortable and solid working surface
  • Sturdy and low maintenance exterior
  • Meets ISO 4043-1998

 Optional Add Ons: 

  • 110/220 volt external air conditioning unit including (1) transport case and accessories
  • Double clear polycarbonate plastic windows
  • Kit of internal partitions (2) including (1) door panel for creating (2) individual workspaces



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