10-Person Translation System with Interpreter Monitor (Lifetime Warranty*)

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  • 10-Person Translation System with Interpreter Monitor (Lifetime Warranty*)
  • 10-Person Translation System with Interpreter Monitor (Lifetime Warranty*)
  • Enersound Headband Microphone MIC300
  • Enersound T-500 Multichannel Transmitter  with ANT-500 antenna (included)
  • Enersound T-500 Multichannel Transmitter Rear Panel
  • Optional: Enersound CAS10 Case for 10 Enersound R120 Receivers
  • Enersound R120 Receiver
  • Enersound R120 Receiver
  • Connection Diagram
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Interpretation System for Church

Interpretation Systems for Churches are intended to solve a specific need: to allow members of the congregation who speak a foreign language to receive the service in their native language.

We must understand that Church Interpretation Systems are not automatic machines, they require a dedicated person to act as an interpreter. In fact, there is no device that can provide reliable, real-time automatic interpretation.

That is why the best option to provide interpretation of your worship services is one of our Church Interpretation Systems. Its operation is very simple, and it does not require great technical knowledge to run smoothly.

They are essentially composed of 3 parts: 

A handheld or headset microphone, used by the designated interpreter. 

A transmitter, which can be tabletop or bodypack. The microphone is hooked up to this unit, which is in charge of transmitting the audio that comes out of the interpreter's mouth directly into the ears of the audience. 

Finally, the audio is transmitted to the different receivers. Each person in the audience has their own individual receiver, which is combined with a pair of headphones to receive the audio and adjust the volume to their own preferences or needs.

Interpretation systems for churches are adaptable to the needs of each group. They can be used for more than one language at a time, or for larger groups, as an unlimited number of receivers can be added.

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Warranty Information

-LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY ON R-120 RECEIVERS AND T-500 TRANSMITTERS purchased after May 15, 2019. 1-YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL ACCESSORIES (including microphones, headphones, carrying cases, cables, antennas, power supplies, etc.). Visit Enersound website for complete warranty details and limitations.
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16 Reviews

  • 5
    Quality solution

    Posted by Robert,G on 30th Dec 2015

    I have been looking for a system that let me integrate people from other countries that are part of my congregation.This equipment was the solution for my church and it works perfectly.Thanks!

  • 5
    The ultimate system

    Posted by Michael R on 29th Nov 2015

    Believe it or not they have finally found a solution with this interpreter monitor option.This system is a valuable resource for anyone interested in his congregation.I have highly recommended this system to my ministry partners, and I will continue to recommend it to all I have contact with.Thanks!

  • 5
    Good news for us!

    Posted by Harry on 29th Nov 2015

    The experience I had was, to use an over-used cliché, life changing.I found nothing that helped me in the areas where help was needed most.I was able to preach as never before.They were neglected and people come to my church now because they feel good and the benefit and value were far greater than the cost; this package was a bargain.

  • 5
    We had to have it!

    Posted by Severina S on 29th Nov 2015

    Every buck spent here paid off!.Simple and effective, and it can stimulate a spirit of inquiry in students.While I applaud the old methods now we have decided to use this system.

  • 5
    Enjoying technology!

    Posted by Kenneth on 29th Nov 2015

    When something so important for us is made easier the interpreters and people in this business are thankful.Thanks!

  • 5
    Good price and service

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Nov 2015

    I had been looking for something like this for years,awesome performance and price.

  • 5
    Great features!

    Posted by David Thomas on 29th Jan 2015

    We love the features of this system. At first we were not sure if we were going to use all of them, but once the sales rep. explained us how it worked, we saw how much it could welp our congregation, and we were right. Totally satisfied.

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