Enersound CU-300 Control Unit

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  • Enersound CU-300 Control Unit
  • Enersound CU-300 Control Unit
  • Enersound CU-300 Control Unit
  • Enersound CU-300 Control Unit
  • Enersound CU-300 Control Unit
  • Enersound CU-300 Control Unit
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The CU-300 Control Unit is the core of the ENERSOUND CS-300 Conference and Discussion System controlling chairman and delegate microphone units, as well as other audio inputs and outputs. It also supplies power for up to 50 delegate and chairman units.  The innovative ENERSOUND CS-300 Conference and Discussion System is equipped with a high-quality ECM capsule, intelligent automatic mixing technology and integrated acoustic and mechanical design, providing a turn-key solution and delivering consistently natural, clear audio performance in any environment. The CS-300 is ideal for discussions and meetings of up to 150 participants. Each CU-300 Control Unit can handle up to 50 contribution microphones and with a maximum of 3 CU-300 Control Units per system you can handle up to 150 contribution microphones. With the Enersound CS-300 push to talk conference microphone system, each microphone is connected to the next one through the attached single cable. The last microphone is connected to the control unit to complete the loop. The control unit has an audio output that combines all of the microphones’ signals, eliminating the need of a multi-channel mixer and an operator to control the various microphones.  Consequently, there is only one cable in the system that interconnects all the microphones. This makes the set-up easier, cleaner and eliminates unnecessary cables that may cause noise, failures and visual clutter. In addition, each unit has a button to activate/ deactivate the microphone, a lighted ring that lights up when the microphone is activated to give a visual indication that the mic is active, and a speaker to listen to the audio of the other contribution units and auxiliaries. 

System includes

• (1) Control and power supply unit (CU)

• Maximum of (50) delegate or chairman microphone units

• Peripheral audio and/or telecommunication equipment






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Warranty Information

1-year factory warranty.
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