Reasons why your event needs an interpretation system.

Reasons why your event needs an interpretation system.

There are several reasons for organizing or hosting an event: Show progress or discoveries, share different kinds of knowledge and encourage the creation of new networks, among others.

Whatever reason is behind it, it's important that the objective is met and the attendees feel that it was worth attending the event. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Even if there is quality content presented, if the audience cannot understand it, the effort will be in vain. 

While English is often considered a 'universal language', relying on that premise when planning your event can be a big mistake. In order to provide the best possible experience at your event, you must offer interpretation in at least one additional language (to be determined by surveying guests/attendees). Thanks to technology, this is easy to implement. 

All you need is a simultaneous interpretation system, which consists of multiple transmitters and microphones (one for each language that needs to be interpreted) plus receivers and headsets for the audience members who need interpretation. A simultaneous interpretation system allows for live simultaneous interpretation, making it a great option for events or conferences. 

It also makes it possible for speakers whose primary language is not English to be invited to speak at the event. Some of the benefits of providing simultaneous interpretation at your event include: Giving speakers, especially those who speak a different language, peace of mind and confidence that the audience will understand what is being said. The same applies to the attendees, since giving them the possibility of listening to the event in their preferred language will enhance the experience and allow them to focus solely on enjoying the content and the event, without having to worry about trying to understand what is being said. It is also useful for helping those with some degree of hearing loss, as interpretation systems allow for individual volume adjustment on each receiver. 

Regardless of the size of your event, the important thing is that your message reaches the audience. Simultaneous interpretation systems are the key to help you achieve this.

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